Sunday Life

Stephen Breen
25 February 2006

One the notorious Shankill Butchers has discovered a new hobby – writing pen letters!

Security sources told Sunday Life that cut-throat killer Sam McAllister has been continuing his behind bars hobby in recent weeks.

McAllister – part of the ruthless UVF gang that tortured, mutilated and slaughtered Catholics between 1975 and 1982 – has been keeping a low profile, after he was attacked with a hatchet in 2000.

It is understood the evil killer has become a paranoid recluse and spends his time writing letters to people from around the world.

He was left infuriated last month when an Australian woman, known as ‘Jeannie’, refused to return his letters.

‘Jeannie’ told how she had initially accepted McAllister’s views that he only joined the Shankill Butchers to defend his community against the IRA.

But she later changed her mind when she read about the horrific torture the gang had inflicted on Catholics.

She also stopped writing to the killer when he sent her hate-mail after she told him she would not be writing to him because she was going on holiday.

“I received many letters from people in Northern Ireland and one of these was from a man called Sam who told me he was once in the Maze, but that meant nothing to me.

“I only selected him because he had nice handwriting and in one of the letters he told me about the Shankill Butchers.

“He explained he was in it because of the IRA and I accepted this. But when I did some research, I was jolted big-time. This was a group of vile people,” she said.

“He is a different being as to what I thought. I do not want contact with him because he sent me a scathing letter just because I told him I was going on holiday and would not be able to write.

“He was very angry with me, but I suppose I am a bit curious as to how he’s getting on because of all the attention on terrorism at the minute.”

McAllister has been living in Lisburn since his release from the Maze in 1995.”