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Written by keithf
1 Oct 2007

The Burmese military government (junta) has held 50 million Burmese people under an iron fist for 20 years, and effectively under a dictatorship since 1962. Free communication with the outside world is strictly controlled and filtered, and all media is effectively state controlled:

“The state controls Burma’s main broadcasters and publications. For the most part, the media are propaganda tools and tend not to report opposing views except to criticise them. Editors and reporters are answerable to the military authorities.”

(BBC News)

Bloggers and other cyber activists within Burma risk their lives by publishing any information counter to the government line, but they still do it because they believe that freedom of expression is worth that sacrifice.

You don’t have to make such a sacrifice, but if you have computer skills, can breach firewalls, routers and web site security then you could greatly assist the people of Burma. By taking down official Burmese government propaganda and posting pictures, information about the protests, information about the lies of the Burmese junta, and news of the huge support being offered by the rest of the world – preferably in Burmese – then you could help free the people from this terrible regime.

If the information is removed, do it again – automate the attacks, do whatever you can to ensure that the Burmese can see the truth about their government.

You may have hacked for fun, or personal gain in the past – now you have a chance to hack for freedom.

Target sites (blocked from external access) (blocked from external access) (blocked from external access) (blocked from external access) (blocked from external access)

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