By Bernie Wright – Greyhound Action Ireland

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Yesterday the Minister for Sport Martin Cullen (whose Department grants millions of Euro to the Greyhound and Horse racing fund annually ) was stopped and confrunted by lifesize photos of dead and mutilated greyhounds at Kilashee House Hotel Naas.

No ears, no tatoos,no accountability

He was taken completely unawares as protestors waited for his entrance into the Hotel lobby. As Gardai waited at the Hotel main entrance we sat quietly and waited till he was in the hotel Lobby to make sure he knew the demise of past their peak racing dogs. He made no comment but looked shocked as he was quickly ushered away by hotel staff . we were then told to get out of the Hotel.
Our point made (despite not getting him in the photo) we intend to continue our fight to END GREYHOUND SUBSIDIES AND GRANTS.

Amazingly the Greyhound Industry are more low key this year as last years event was a black tie affair. Reflecting the decline in the Industry no national media appear to cover the event.

Without taxpayers millions this industry will fold!

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