Derry Journal
1 March 2012

A new resource guide featuring case studies of successful cross-border and cross-community projects has been launched in Derry.

‘The Community Work Approach to Peace Building’ guide was unveiled at the city’s Playhouse Theatre.

Co-ordinated by the Community Workers’ Co-operative Donegal Network (DCWC), the guide has been designed to showcase the conflict resolution work that has been achieved by groups within the local community sector.

Denise Gallanagh-Wood, Chairperson of the Community Workers’ Co-operative, said: “We encourage all who participate in any activity that encourages peace building and development of community to be brave and take the risks that could make the difference for them and their communities.

“The theorists and peace builders we have quoted in the resource guide are not people who played safe.

“They are the people who stood up and out for change.

“They said and did something different. They are the ones we remember – the ones who guide us on this journey we take.”

Available from the Community Workers’ Co-operative website – – the resource guide explores the relationship between those involved in community work and those involved in peace building.

One of the projects featured in the guide is the Derry-based ‘Theatre of Witness’ project which works with individuals who have suffered extreme trauma, as a result of the conflict, to create a performance whereby they re-tell their own stories.

Another local project is the Derry-based ‘Gateway to Protestant Participation’ which has been designed to address issues of marginalisation and sectarianism within the Protestant community.

As part of the initiative, 30 different Protestant groups were recruited to a Capacity Building Programme, with each participating group given £6,000 to deliver a community development initiative for their local community.

Support has also been provided to help 15 existing Protestant community leaders complete an accredited community development diploma, in order to enhance their own community development skills.