12 Mar 2012

The Northern Ireland Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse group (Savia) is to meet Catholic primate Cardinal Sean Brady later.

They are seeking guarantees of his total cooperation with the forthcoming abuse inquiry in Northern Ireland.

They want to ensure, via him, “the unconditional cooperation from the orders who ran institutions where children were placed”.

The inquiry will consider allegations dating back to 1945.

“This has been a long and tortuous route for some survivors and victims, re-awakening and reliving memories that were nightmares for some,” a Savia spokesperson said.

“We believe that the cardinal holds a key position that will allow that nightmare to end.”

Savia expects the meeting will be attended by officials from the religious congregations which managed institutions against whom claims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse and neglect have been made.

Savia campaigned for the NI Executive to hold an inquiry into historical institutional abuse. Final preparations for this are being made by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister.

The executive inquiry will include Catholic religious orders, state and voluntary groups.

It follows lengthy judicial examinations of horrifying tales of abuse in the Irish Republic.