Irish Times
16 Mar 2012

Undercover British agent Peter Keeley was described as a “trusted member” of the Provisional IRA in Garda intelligence documents, the Smithwick Tribunal has been told.

Keeley, who has told the tribunal that former Det Sgt Owen Corrigan of Dundalk Garda station supplied information to the IRA, was described in the intelligence documents as being seen in the company of senior IRA figures.

Kevin Fulton/Peter Keeley

The documents, summaries of which were read out at the tribunal this morning, included an intelligence report which noted Keeley – also known as Kevin Fulton – was stopped by gardaí on August 22nd, 1988 when he said he was travelling to see the wife of a named senior IRA figure.

The documents also noted that Keeley was seen driving IRA bomber Patrick ‘Mooch’ Blair and well-known Co Louth republican Michael Collins.

Supt Brian Brunton, reading from a précis of a intelligence document, said: “It would appear at this stage he [Keeley] was a trusted member of the PIRA”.

Keeley has given extensive information to the tribunal alleging Garda collusion, which he said he became aware of while undercover in the IRA.

Mr Corrigan’s counsel at the tribunal has described Keeley as a “liar”. Mr Corrigan has consistently denied he colluded with the IRA.

The tribunal is looking into suggestions that members of the Garda or other employees of the State colluded with the IRA in the murders of two RUC officers.

Chief supt Harry Breen and supt Bob Buchanan were killed in an IRA ambush on the Edenappa road in south Armagh less than half an hour after leaving a meeting in Dundalk Garda station, on March 20th, 1989.