20 Mar 2012

**Good news for a change — and I bet the dog and its owners appreciated the help and didn’t throw rocks at the firefighters or set their truck on fire either, hey.

Pepper the dog was rescued by firefighters from Ballycastle

A dog has been rescued from a ravine on the north coast by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

‘Pepper’ fell into the ravine near Fairhead on Monday afternoon.

Firefighters from Ballycastle were called out to rescue the dog and managed to successfully winch him to safety.

Once safe Pepper was returned to his owners. They thanked the fire and rescue service for their hard work in saving the faithful family pet.

Watch Commander Hugh McGill and his team posed for a photo with Pepper after the rescue.

The area near the ravine is popular with dog walkers and was busier than usual because of the good Bank Holiday Monday weather.