– Editorial
25 Mar 2012

**…Be gone, and don’t forget your little hat

• From Wikipedia: ‘In March 2010 it became widely known that the then Father Seán Brady had participated in an internal Church legal process in 1975 that required victims of Father Brendan Smyth to remain silent about their abuse. Smyth went on to abuse dozens of children before being brought to justice in 1994.’

• See also: Cardinal Sean Brady: I’m not going to resign

Given that they operated hand in glove for so many decades, we should not be surprised that the Catholic Church found itself in a similar public dock to FF last week. Indeed, in responding to the second Vatican report, Cardinal Brady even sounded like a Fianna Fail leader as he talked about the church’s “ongoing journal of renewal”.

The stark truth of the matter is that if the hierarchy were engaged in a convincing process of renewal Dr Brady would, given the questions raised over his role in the scenario where children were forced to swear oaths of secrecy about their knowledge of the activities of the notorious clerical paedophile Brendan Smyth, no longer be our cardinal.

If this disgraced church genuinely wishes to renew itself isn’t it time you were going Dr Brady? In fact, shouldn’t you be gone already?