News Letter
27 March 2012

A DUP MLA has called for the immediate removal of republican posters on public property in the south and east Tyrone areas.

Lord Maurice Morrow was speaking out after material relating to republican prisoner Marian Price appeared on road signs in the locality over the weekend.

The DUP peer – who has also criticised the recent advertising of a Clonoe Martyrs commemoration in the area – has raised the issue with both the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy and Justice Minister David Ford.

Mr Morrow slammed those who openly flaunt “abhorrent banners glorifying terrorism” on DRD property and in so-called shared spaces.

He said: “I am also aware of posters calling for Marian Price McGlinchey to be released from prison.

“These have been spotted on other DRD property such as lamp-standards, road signs and around traffic lights.

“Stringing up such propaganda is not acceptable and we are continually being reminded we have all moved on.

“Clearly some have moved on more than others who want to remain entrenched in the past – something which I would point out victims are lambasted for.”

Mr Morrow added: “The Justice Minister has confirmed there is a law against glorification of terrorism and it’s time that was brought into use.

“But I also believe it falls on the DRD Minister to take action for although he naturally wants to protect staff, he has a duty to the greater community who have no stomach for these repulsive symbols.”

A DRD spokesperson said: “Roads Service is aware of this matter and advice has been sought from the PSNI.

“Further liaison will continue.”