2 Apr 2012

**I know I posted an article on this before, but this one has more details concerning the behaviour of the priest involved. The PSNI say there is no crime, so then can primary school teachers start showing gay porn to everyone? Is that okay now? I find it interesting that the Catholic church is most concerned about whether there was a ‘crime’ committed. Perhaps Fr McVeigh urged the kiddies’ parents to give some of their Holy Communion money back to the church so the church can finance its defences and payouts for the unholy crimes it has already committed against children.

An investigation is under way after indecent images were “inadvertently” shown by a Catholic priest during a presentation at a primary school in County Tyrone.

Father Martin McVeigh projected the images onto a screen during a meeting for parents in Pomeroy in preparation for First Holy Communion. One child was also present.

Father McVeigh said he had no knowledge of the images

Parents said 16 indecent images of men were displayed. The priest said he had no knowledge of the offending imagery.

Cardinal Sean Brady said the PSNI had indicated that no crime had been committed.

The incident occurred during a meeting at St Mary’s School in Pomeroy on 26 March.

According to a statement from the parents, the images were projected onto the screen from a memory stick the parish priest had inserted into a computer before the presentation.

The parents said Fr McVeigh quickly removed the memory stick.

“He was visibly shaken and flustered,” said the parents. “He gave no explanation or apology to the group and bolted out of the room. The co-ordinator and the teachers then continued with the presentation.

“The meeting continued in his absence, however, the parents who viewed the pictures were horrified and distracted.

“Twenty minutes later he returned, he continued with the meeting and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion and should consider giving some of it to the church.”

In a statement on Monday, Cardinal Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, said “inappropriate imagery was inadvertently shown by a priest at the beginning of a Powerpoint presentation, causing concern to those present.

“This was immediately removed from the screen.

“The priest has stated that he had no knowledge of the offending imagery. The archdiocese immediately sought the advice of the PSNI who indicated that, on the basis of the evidence available, no crime had been committed.

“The priest is co-operating with an investigation of the matter on the part of the archdiocese.”