If you blog on WordPress, you may have noticed how annoying a lot of the javascripty activity is when you are trying to accomplish certain tasks–like approve or even READ comments. WordPress gives you a ‘preview’ of blog links whenever your mouse hovers over the URL. I read this forum post and got no help for making WP turn this feature off, but even though they have closed this topic–which is like a parent telling a small child NO without allowing any more discussion (I find this a bit insulting), there most certainly IS a way to get rid of this behaviour, but you have to use a browser which can control what javascript is allowed to do. Personally, I use Firefox, and I add the NoScript add-on (also get the Adblock Plus add-on – it’s a lifesaver). Then, when you are working on comments, you can click and disallow javascript here. You can still read and approve without it, and you can quickly re-enable it for any other activities which might call for it.