23 Apr 2012

Up to two hundred people attended a rally in Derry on Sunday to campaign for the release of Marion Price.

Last year the Secretary of State Owen Paterson revoked her licence after she was charged in connection with a dissident republican rally in the city last Easter.

Those taking part in the protest walked from Free Derry Corner to Guildhall Square. A number of speakers attended including Marion Price’s husband Gerry McGlinchey.

Mr McGlinchey called for the secretary of state to release her.

“He has not made clear in any way what threat she poses. I don’t think she poses any threat.

“He refuses to say what evidence he has. There’s no case to fight because nobody knows what she’s charged of,” he said.

Foyle SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey is to meet with the secretary of state over the imprisonment of Marion Price.

He said a party delegation will also meet the Justice Minister David Ford this week.

“It is fairly obvious that 12 months of solitary confinement has taken its toll. The SDLP are of the opinion she should be released.

“There is something not right if we have senior consultants telling us this lady should be in a hospital environment and the justice minister is being told something else,” he said.