Belfast Telegraph
27 April 2012

Denis Donaldson, standing third in from left, next to Bobby Sands

The family of murdered Sinn Fein spy Denis Donaldson is preparing to take legal action against the Irish government to force the state to hold an inquest into his death, it has been reported.

Yesterday, an inquest into Donaldson’s death was adjourned in Letterkenny for the ninth time.

In 2006, Donaldson — a former leading Sinn Fein figure who confessed to being a British agent in December 2005 — was murdered in his rural cottage near Glenties in Co Donegal.

Yesterday, Donegal Coroner Dr Denis McCauley heard that the latest adjournment was being sought to complete a file for submission.

The Donaldson family is not happy about the delay.

It is understood the family now plans to take legal action against the Irish state under the European Convention on Human Rights in the relation to the delays.