Donegal Democrat
19 April 2012
**Via Newshound

The launch of the Border Counties Inclusion Project [took] place at noon in the Central Hotel, Donegal town.

It’s a new initiative from TDDA (Tyrone-Derry and Donegal Action) which aims to strengthen social inclusion amongst communities in Donegal, Tyrone, Derry and Fermanagh.

The programme will identify and deliver training for community groups to increase their confidence and capacity and to provide them with the skills to effectively network with others.

It will also deliver a programme of activity designed by the groups in conjunction with project staff, which will encourage and facilitate mutual understanding, challenge attitudes to sectarianism, encourage active civic participation and w promote greater community integration both within Donegal and across the Border.

A new Border Counties Community Inclusion Project officer, Sinead McAteer, has been appointed to work with community groups on the project, which will be based at the TDDA offices in Raphoe.