Derry Journal
2 May 2012

The iconic Free Derry Wall has been painted in honour of an anarchist and civil rights leader.

The wall has been painted red and black as a tribute to Belfast born John McGuffin to mark the 10th anniversary of his death.

For two weeks a black flag will fly above the Derry icon while a billboard also carries the slogan ‘No Gods, No Masters!’ – a quote from McGuffin.

The Belfast anarchist, born in 1942, was a leading figure in the People’s Democracy movement.

McGuffin’s embrace of anarchism began in 1967 and he was a founder member of the Belfast Anarchist Group.

However, he missed the group’s first meeting to attend the October 5 1968 Civil Rights march in Derry.

He was also among those attacked at Burntollet in 1969, and later was among those picked up during the first internment scoop of 1971.

In later life he moved to San Francisco and became a human rights lawyer, before settling in Derry in 1998.

He died in 2002.