Derry Journal
1 May 2012

A leading Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaigner in Inishowen has claimed he is not surprised Donegal has been named rebel county as 73% of people have still not paid the controversial Household charge.

Francis McCafferty, one of the organisers of the Donegal branch of the group, said throughout their Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign last year they got tremendous support.

“I’m not surprised Donegal is the county with most resistance to the Household Charge, but I am shocked it is so high,” Mr. McCafferty told the ‘Journal’ yesterday.

“We had a great response when we carried out the campaign across the county. From October last year to January we must have lead over 40 meetings in front of 5000 plus people.”

The Donegal man believes now the charge is a “dead charge” and the Government have failed to implement it properly.

“There is a discrepancy over the figures. On the deadline day the Finance Officer of Donegal County Council was on the radio saying the public service centre were busy, but we held pickets throughout the county and there was only a trickle of people paying the charge.

“They tried to bully people into paying but it didn’t work”

Mr. McCafferty says they will continue on their Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign and groups across the county will strengthen.

“We will be regrouping again and calling for the non payment of property tax and water charges.

“The message coming from Donegal has been good so far and we’ve always maintained there is strength in numbers but now we need to keep going as the Household Charge was only ever the thin edge of a thick wedge.”

He concluded: “ We would have been happy if 27% people had not paid the charge, but now it is the reserve. It is good to see that Donegal is leading the way on the non payment of the unfair tax.”