4 May 2012

Foyle MLA Colum Eastwood, has hit out at the RAAD statement that “no amount of protest” will stop their activities.

Mr Eastwood rebutted this by saying RAAD should get the message that no amount of bullets or bullies could solve the drugs problem in Derry or Ireland. He added that any cloak of republicanism should once and for all be discarded from the organisation, saying that the true Irish republican position believed in the authority and will of the Irish people.

RAAD, he said, had transparently revealed themselves as fascists, whose interest was not in addressing the problems of drug addiction, but in criminal gain.

He added that this city would not allow itself to descend into a scenario which has blighted communities south of the border, most notably in Limerick City.

Mr Eastwood last weekend spoke at a Guildhall Square rally in opposition to ongoing attacks by RAAD.

The former Mayor commented: “This statement is the most transparent indication of RAAD’s real agenda. They have no interest in the resolution of the problems of drug addiction which have an historical hold in this city and across Ireland.

“They have no concern or interest in the wishes of our community, discarding any semblance of the true nationalist and republican tradition on this island.

“In plain, they have exposed themselves as fascists who are using the serious problems of addiction for criminal gain.

“This city will not allow itself to regressively spiral into a scenario which has blighted communities in Limerick City. For be in no doubt, this is the inevitable destination if RAAD continue with their violent agenda.

“These organisations need more support to ensure that they reach into every community in this city. This is the solution to the corrosion caused by drugs.

“RAAD have nothing to offer, only further damage and death.”