**Received via email from Helen McClafferty

May 3, 2012, Maghaberry Prison

Through my incarceration and ongoing political persecution the British are sending a stark message to Irish Catholics. That message is an old one. It is ‘Croppies Lie Down’.

What the British/Unionist establishment is, in effect saying, is that the IRA lost the war and Sinn Fein bungled the peace. We are in total control now and we will do what we like. For ‘Croppies’ there will be no future, only vengeance and retribution for the past.

We will break up families. We will take fathers from their wives and children and a mother from her family, and throw them in jail so that Unionist bigots can smirk, laugh and wallow in sectarian hate.

That being the new reality, and coupled with the fact that levels of emigration from the nationalist areas of the six counties are at the highest since the 1950’s, is it any wonder that tens of thousands of Orangemen are to march on Stormont in September to gloat and celebrate.