FEUD: Gunmen in U-turn as rival’s wife and child at home

By Ken Foy
8 May 2012
**Via Newshound

GANGLAND criminals abandoned a plan to shoot dead a Real IRA mobster after realising his wife and child were in his house.

The dissident was not at home when his rivals, under order from Dublin’s new ‘Mr Big’, came looking for him.

Gardai are on high alert after the feud between dissident terrorists and one of Ireland’s biggest crime gangs escalated in recent weeks.

It is understood that weapons were collected at a northside cemetery and an elaborate plan “to whack” the RIRA mobster was put in place. However, it was only called off when it was discovered that the criminal was not at home but his wife and child were there.

The hit was ordered after the Coolock drugs lord who leads the crime gang was beaten up by a senior member of the dissident mob in a north Dublin nightclub after the gangster challenged the 29-year-old Real IRA mobster to a ‘straightener’.

The burly Republican hardman can’t be named here for legal reasons but we can reveal that he is from Baldoyle and is closely connected to a dangerous band of brothers who control the Real IRA in Dublin.

This incident happened in the same prominent club where the feud kicked off during the Christmas period when the crime gang beat up a close associate of the RIRA faction.


Sources say that the gang boss fled Dublin for Alicante in Spain via Belfast just two days after the incident which led to the drug dealer’s mob trying to shoot a key member of the Real IRA at his home.

A source explained: “He (the crime boss) made a serious mistake when he called for a straightener. He got the crap beat out of him and was forced to flee the country. Now it seems that the Real IRA boys have the complete upper hand — one of their main men has been strutting around Donaghmede in recent days. Walking around on his own without even a bullet proof vest on him — it shows that they are no longer worried about the drugs gang.”

The Herald has previously revealed that the drugs boss at war with the Real IRA was “mentored” by a veteran criminal now based in Co Cavan who introduced Tiger kidnappings to Ireland.

Since then, the gang boss is suspected of organising a spate of Tiger kidnappings, including one in Drogheda, Co Louth, last August in which an An Post clerk was forced to hand over €500,000 and was told his fiancee and 12-week-old daughter would die if he did not hand over the cash.

He is linked to a crew of contract killers nicknamed the Taliban gang who are suspected of being involved in seven gruesome gangland murders including the double murders of small time criminals Joseph Redmond (25) and Anthony Burnett (31) — the two men who were shot and burned in a forest near Dundalk, Co Louth last March.