Belfast Telegraph
18 May 2012

A proposed Orange parade in Castle Grounds in Antrim which would involve up to 80 lodges and 40 bands to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on June 2 has been slammed by Sinn Fein councillors in Antrim.

A meeting to discuss the proposals provoked a backlash of comments from nationalist councillors who continued to argue outside of the discussion chambers according to the Antrim Guardian. Sinn Fein councillor Anthony Brady hit out at plans: “I don’t think millions were invested in the park to make a nice backdrop to a band parade,” he said.

“If the chamber believes it is and pushes this through they will be setting a very clear precedent. They will be opening the doors for any group, from any tradition, to parade around Clotworthy House.”

UUP councillor Adrian Watson retorted that Sinn Fein ‘should hang their heads in shame’.

“Once again the Sinn Fein mask slips,” he told the Antrim Guardian.

“Let’s get one thing straight here. This is a Junior Lodge event, for boys and girls between the ages of seven and 16 – children from all over the province brought together to celebrate the remarkable reign of our Queen.

“I find it incredible that Sinn Fein are so intimidated by a gathering of children – and I find it disgusting that they would seek to politicise an event such as this.”