1 June 2012

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Counting of votes in the Fiscal Treaty referendum gets underway in 26 count centres at 9am today.

A result is expected this afternoon, with an official declaration in the afternoon at the central count centre in Dublin Castle.

However, if the result is not a close one, an indication of the outcome should be known by late morning.

More than 3.1 million people were entitled to vote on the proposed 30th amendment to the constitution, but only around 50% did so.

Turnout was low in many areas of Dublin, with the highest in the North Central constituency, where turnout was about 56%.

Some polling stations around the capital and the country had turnouts as low as in the 30s , but it hit above 60% in parts of Limerick.

Last night Government sources were confident that many undecided’s had stayed that way and not voted, and said therefore the referendum was likely to pass.

However, many in No campaign were also confident of success because of the lower turnout.