**Imagine my surprise after reading this interesting tribute to Arthur Quinlan by Roy Greenslade in the Guardian to find that an article I had re-posted over 8 years ago from the Scotsman via the I.R.B.B. was one of the sources Mr Greenslade listed. I was delighted, since I often ask myself why I have spent almost a decade re-posting news. The simple answer is that it has been a sure-fire way for me to educate myself as well as to make sure that many of the articles are still available when sites disappear, move abruptly, delete things or go behind paywalls. I don’t post much anymore because it seems history is unfortunately repeating itself and people appear to have learned nothing from the past, which makes me sad. If something interests me, however, I put it up. This article by Mr Greenslade interested me.

On the evening of March 13 1965, a man whose face was soon to become one of most famous in the world walked unrecognised into Hanratty’s Hotel in Limerick.

Che Guevara, for it was he, had been forced to spend a night in Ireland when his plane made an unscheduled stopover at Shannon airport after developing mechanical trouble. He had been flying with Cuban government officials and friends from Prague to Havana.

Though a writer in Ireland’s (now defunct) Sunday Tribune described the surprise visit by the Latin American revolutionary as “one of the great missed scoops of Irish journalism” one reporter was on hand to interview Guevara. That was Arthur Quinlan, the self-styled “Shannon airport correspondent” who died, aged 92, just before Christmas. And his story duly appeared on the front page of the Limerick Leader.

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