When I first started archiving the news stories, I used Blogger. The stories from 2003-2006 are still there, but I have imported them all to this location now as I think it looks better.

Although the old early archives are still up, and the two mirror sites at LJ and DW are fully functional, Blogsome decided to ask many of us to leave, so I wanted to bring all the files over to this journal at WordPress. Since the XML file was so large, I enlisted the help of a couple friends, and the WordPress techs have also generously given their time and efforts to import 8 years of posts and comments from Blogsome to here. The files are now complete! (You might even notice duplicate files in some cases.)

The header image on this journal is from a mural photograph by CRAZYFENIAN. The gravatar image of the rose is taken from his beautiful photograph of the mural memorialising the young Julie Livingstone. The sidebar photo of Bobby Sands was for many years from a mural photo by Conánn FitzPatrick (it has now been updated from an unknown source). Each artist’s link is on the sidebar.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me: saoirse32@fastmail.fm