Sunday Life

18 September 2005

DESSIE Truesdale believes his brother Norman was murdered by the IRA in direct revenge for his involvement in a sectarian massacre.

Norman Truesdale (39) was gunned down in his grocer’s shop on the Oldpark Road in March 1993, four months after the UDA had attacked a bookies shop in the area, killing three.

At the time, Norman Truesdale’s family said he was not involved with paramilitaries.

Twelve years on, however, Dessie has revealed that he believes his brother WAS involved in the bookies shop massacre – and that sealed his fate.

And he blames Johnny Adair for his brother’s death, because Adair sent out the UFF killers to attack the bookies.

Francis Burns (62), Peter Orderly (50) and Jon Lovett (72) all died when two gunmen opened up on punters in James Murray’s betting shop on the Oldpark Road in November 1992.

A third UFF man was driving a hijacked taxi used in the massacre.

Said Dessie: “The bookies was ‘done’ and they (the IRA) tried to get Johnny Adair.

“But they missed Johnny and then the following fortnight they got Norman.

“I tried to ask Johnny about that situation. I know Johnny, I know when I am spooking him. And when I mentioned that, he got angry.

“Now, I’m led to believe that Norman was involved in those murders. Norman was arrested for the bookies and the police kept him in for three days.

“The IRA found that out and that’s why he was shot in the shop.”