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If you blog on WordPress, you may have noticed how annoying a lot of the javascripty activity is when you are trying to accomplish certain tasks–like approve or even READ comments. WordPress gives you a ‘preview’ of blog links whenever your mouse hovers over the URL. I read this forum post and got no help for making WP turn this feature off, but even though they have closed this topic–which is like a parent telling a small child NO without allowing any more discussion (I find this a bit insulting), there most certainly IS a way to get rid of this behaviour, but you have to use a browser which can control what javascript is allowed to do. Personally, I use Firefox, and I add the NoScript add-on (also get the Adblock Plus add-on – it’s a lifesaver). Then, when you are working on comments, you can click and disallow javascript here. You can still read and approve without it, and you can quickly re-enable it for any other activities which might call for it.

Previously I had comments set so a person making a comment would put his or her name and email; however, as WordPress will make you log into your WP account if you use the same email as any related account is in, I decided to take that requirement off as I myself do not like having to sign into accounts just to make a moderated comment anyway. Now, even though it asks you for a name and email, it is not a requirement if you prefer not to say. We will try that for comments. My email is on the sidebar if you need that.

Also, I read in the forums that there are ads on WordPress blogs. I never see ads on the net myself, and I do not see any here even when I disable my plug-ins, but if you see any which you find offensive, I apologise as I did not put them here. Please let me know.


I have tentatively decided on this one, which is called ‘Tarski’, because it is low-key, has reasonable looking fonts, doesn’t scream at you or look like it was made by an 8 yr old for a 5 yr old and seems easy enough on the eyes.

I have one complaint, however, and that is the comment link is on the TOP. Who makes a comment BEFORE they read the entry? This is silly. Comment links should go on the bottom.

I just have to trust that if you want to make a comment–and don’t laugh; it could happen–you will look around until you find the link.

After looking at a billion layouts, I am more than willing to listen to any other WP bloggers who have suggestions about layouts that don’t involve multi-colours, screaming headlines or triple sidebars, and they must have a widget place in the footer to take away that damnable infinite scroll business. :P

Thanks for your patience. :)
Edit: I should have read the other blog more carefully and I would have realised I could COME BACK to the original layout after doing the change and widget thing, and the original layout would ALSO work, but no worries, as I like this layout better anyway. :)

Today I realised that WordPress had instituted a site-wide change called ‘Infinite Scroll’. This means you can technically keep on scrolling forever on a page. Whoever thought up the idea to force this feature on everyone without provision being made to disable it needs his or her head examined.

Fortunately, I found a very nice blog here:

which is run by timethief, who is very busy calming all of us WP bloggers by telling us how to change our layouts and use a work-around in order to bring back the finite number of posts on a page. I keep it at 20 usually.

Therefore, I am now about to change the layout. I practiced ahead of time on another journal, so bear with me and hope for the best. It will just take a few minutes. :)

I am sorry if some of you have been having issues with the stupid Infinite Scroll feature. Hopefully the layout change with fix it.

Thank you timethief.

SAOIRSE32 has, for several years, been on Blogsome, but they told all of us there in November I think that our Blogsome blogs would be deleted on December 7 since they were going out of the blog hosting business.

With the great help of the WordPress people, and a couple friends of mine, I moved everything over to WordPress. The two other journal locations remained the same.

Well, here it is the middle of March, and I see that people are still being sent in droves to the old Blogsome location through search engine referral and still making comments no one is going to see.

Today I took the final step to ask Blogsome to delete the entire blog at that location so Google and the other search engines will get used to doing without it since everything is more current at WordPress, LJ or DW. There were about 28,000 entries, so I held my breath!

Onward and upward, they say…

I just discovered that if you mouse-over each day on the calendar in the sidebar on your right, the day’s post titles will appear. Then if you see what you want, click on that date. You can also bring up other months and do the same by clicking the month name link on the bottom of the calendar and mousing-over those dates.

I learn something new everyday! ;)

There are now over 27,000 articles here at SAOIRSE32!

As some of you know, recently Blogsome sent notices out that the site was closing. I had been collecting articles there from 2004 on. I had used this WordPress site as an archive for even older Blogger posts but nothing more. But when Blogsome decided to close, I wanted to open this to daily posting.

One of the nicest features about a free journal is that it will import your old posts from many diffferent sites. I believe the xml file limit is 15 MB, however. As you might imagine, my xml file from 8 years of news articles was about 5 times as large, and I had to have a couple of my friends help me with that as well, but I could not get the import to work.

I contacted the support people at WordPress, and they took a look at the file, and as of today, ALL the Blogsome entries and comments are available here now on this WordPress blog thanks to everyone taking the time and extra effort to help me. I am extremely happy! This is a great Christmas present to me, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. :-)

Because of something I did in 2007, many articles from March through September 2007 were not on Blogsome but are available at DW and LJ. You may find them there by clicking this link:

March – Sept 2007

Thank you very much again to everyone who helped me with this. I feel at home now. <3

I am uncertain about continuing to stay here at WordPress. I feel that the time it takes to deal with this WP interface detracts from posting effectively. I could post more articles in less time by just using Semagic to post to DW and LJ. WordPress, for some reason, insists on ‘talking’ to me and counting my posts, setting goals I don’t need, throwing up a sidebar after posting, changing the interface I need and replacing features I continually have to delete, such as likes and shares — even when I have set them to be absent.

I have also contacted support several times, and have received emails back, but the archive is still not available, and I have not been informed if it CAN be.

I realise this is a free service, so please consider these merely observations rather than complaints. It is also a notice that I may not continue here, and DW may become the main venue for this blog. I am going to try some 3rd party posting clients and see if that helps. But I can’t add the archive myself; WordPress has to do that. :/

I am having a difficult time reconciling the loss of old archives and erroneous links pointing to old Blogsome entries which will no longer be around after the middle of this week.

Even if people search on DW or LJ, the links are likely to point to Blogsome in many instances.

I am trying to figure out how to backdate WordPress entries, so bear with me if you see old things popping up on the main page here from time to time. :/

I have set my preferences to exclude anything to do with Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. I also uncheck the ‘like’ box. Why is this not working?

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